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Sixteen Cedars Zeke The Blue  

(Bouncing Balls Rudolph The Red DNA-CP x Roo's Calico Of Forty Pines)


aka Zekester Man


 November 5, 1998 -- July 13, 2008

 Zeke was a silly, goofy dog whose biggest goal in life was to be a good ol' dawg. Zeke wasn't the brightest bulb by Aussie standards or by any standards, but he was a beloved member of my family and doggy pack. One couldn't ask for a sweeter dog. We tried obedience in his youth. We also tried agility. Zeke just never could quite comprehend why it was important to sit or stay or jump over things so I let him retire from those unsavory doings and lead the simple life he preferred.


Zeke came to me from my neighbor who owned his mother and grandmother. Roobie and Charlie were his aunt and uncle on his mother's side. Tux is a full brother. Emily is his half sister and Jackson is his half brother so he really was part of the family.


~ Rest well, sweet Zeke ~