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Sixteen Cedars Australian Shepherds is a small hobby kennel located on five acres just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.  "We" consist of 10 Aussies and myself.  I have been owned by Aussies since 1992 and became a member of ASCA at that time.  Sixteen Cedars began when my neighbor bred her bitch and I got my first Aussie puppy, Roobie, who lived to 14 years of age.  Charlie was my second Aussie and was Roobie's half brother.  Though Charlie never sired any pups, he was, in a sense, my foundation dog.  I got hooked on obedience with him and that was my start in the "dog show" world.  Most of my dogs were primarily pets until about 2001 when I started dabbling in the conformation ring.

Conformation is now my main dog activity.  I bred a litter 10 years ago.  Unfortunately, one of those pups was affected with epilepsy and was euthanized at two years of age.  I kept four other pups from that litter and finished two of them in ASCA.